There are a number of ways you can get involved in our wonderful sport…

Join the BBAC and get to know ballooning inside out…

Sign Up

Joining the BBAC is a great place to start. As part of the membership, you will receive copies of Europe’s leading ballooning magazine, Aerostat as well as gain access to our pilot and crew training organisations. Find out more information about signing up below:

Find Your Local Club

It’s also important to contact your local regional club, as they can put you in touch with fellow enthusiasts, including balloon spotters, crew members, PUTs and pilots. Find out where your regional club is here.

Explore a Balloon Event

Attending balloon events will help you get to know the community and more about hot air ballooning. We are an ever-expanding community and love to include new people in this unique sport.

Become a Pilot!

If you are interested in training for your license, you can find more information here