Gas or Hot Air Airship Extension

Training is done on an official course at the BBAC Training Organisation comprising:

  • Train with at least 5 flights in a gas balloon or at least 5 hours in a hot air airship
  • Pass a Skill Test, including an oral theory examination

Larger Size Balloons Extension

To be able to fly larger sizes of hot air balloons you undertake two training flights in the group size you wish to fly and have a minimum number of Pilot-in-Command (PIC) experience hours, depending on the group size:

  • Group B – above 120,000cuft and up to 210,000cuft. Requires a minimum of 100 hours’ PIC
  • Group C – above 210,000cuft and up to 370,000cuft. Requires a minimum of 200 hours’ PIC
  • Group D – above 370,000cuft. Requires a minimum of 300 hours’ PIC

Tether Rating Extension

To gain your tether rating you need two instructional tethers; this is normally done alongside your main licence.

Night Rating Extension

To gain your night rating you need two night flights with an instructor, each including at least an hour of flying during the hours of legal night.

Commercial Operation Extension

To obtain a commercial operation rating extension you need:

  • At least 50 hours and 50 flights as Pilot-in-Command
  • To be 18 years or older
  • To pass a commercial flight test in the class (normally hot air balloon) rating you wish to fly commercially

To use the commercial rating to fly fare-paying passengers, working for a Declared Balloon Operator, additional requirements and testing apply, particularly on the largest group size of balloon to be flown.