Aerostat is the official journal of the BBAC, delivered four times a year to members. It contains 52 glossy, full-colour pages illustrated with inspiring photographs, and covering all aspects of lighter-than-air flight, not only in the United Kingdom, but also in Europe and around the world.


Regular columns report on innovations in ballooning, legal requirements, pilot training, aircraft maintenance, airspace information, awards to balloonists, and other aviation matters in the news. 


Articles on ballooning adventures, major fiestas and record-breaking flights from around the world, lavishly illustrated with superb photographs, including stunning centre spread images that reflect the beauty of lighter-than-air flight.

Comps Club

Learn all about competition ballooning from the experts, and follow the progress of fellow pilots as they progress toward the ultimate glory of the World Hot Air Ballooning Championships. 

Airship News

Developments in airship and hybrid airship technology that herald a resurgence of these giant aircraft to our skies.

New Balloons

A gallery of the latest balloons, including special shapes, from British and European manufacturers, plus technical data including registrations and envelope types.

Regional and Events Round-Up

Reports on balloon meets from the BBAC-affiliated regional clubs, plus first-hand reviews of other events around the world. 


A comprehensive, constantly updated listing of balloon meets, festivals and associated events to help you plan your flying calendar for the months ahead.

Classified Ads

Second-hand balloons, baskets, tanks and other equipment or ballooning ephemera: if you have something to sell, you’re looking to snap up a bargain, or offer a service, Aerostat’s Classified listings are free to members fo the BBAC.

To contact the editor or to advertise in Aerostat

Richard Wiles 

Editor & Advertising Manager 

Tel: +44 (0)7941 146208